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Visa/Passport Service

 New Passport Issuance

Nepali Passport is valid for ten years from the date of issue. It is non-renewable; thereafter passport holders are required to apply for a new passport well within time before expiry. However, in case of accidental damage or tampering of the passport or use of all pages meant for visa, one could apply for new passport any time.

1.     Passport Form

The application form may be downloaded Here or the websites of the Department of Passport (DOP), Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Nepal ( and submit it to the consular section of the Embassy.

2.     Passport Fee

Passport Fee                                                    QR 300/-

Temporary Passport Fee                                    QR  80/-

Lost/Damaged Passport Fee                              QR 600/-

One-way Travel Document                                  QR 150/-


3.     Required Documents to apply for new passport:


  The original citizenship Certificate and its copy.

  Old passport and its photocopy

  Duly filled up prescribed application form (2 copies) for new passport.

  Passport application should be submitted by the person himself/herself attending to the embassy.

  The passport holder should be present herself/himself in the Embassy to take his/her passport.


4.     Required Documents for obtaining a new passport in lieu of lost passport


  A letter from the Immigration Department or Police Office confirming that the loss of passport was reported by the sponsor.

  A copy of the lost passport.

  A letter from the sponsor to this Embassy with a request for a new

  The original citizenship Certificate and its copy.

  Properly filled up prescribed application form for new passport.

  Passport may be sent by mail or with any representative to this Embassy along with 4 copies of passport size photographs of the bearer.

  But the passport holder should be present herself/himself in the Embassy to take his/her passport.


5.     Required documents to obtain new passport for the minors

  Copies of the passports of  parent(s)

  Original citizenship certificates of parent(s) and their copies

  Copies of the Qatari ID cards of the parents

  Original certificate of birth registration of the minor and it's copy

  Photographs (at least 8 pieces)

  Properly filled-up passport application forms



The concerned individuals are requested to contact the Embassy from Sunday to Thursday during the following hours.


Submission of applications for new passports: 09:00 hrs.-12:00 hrs.

Collection of passports:                                    12:00 hrs. - 14:00 hrs.

Visa Regulations for Nepal

A.    Visa Regulations


1.     All foreigners except Indian nationals must obtain visa to visit Nepal from this Embassy.


2.     Visa can also be obtained at the Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, Nepal upon arrival except the nationals of Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Cameroon, Somalia, Liberia, Ethiopia, Iraq, Palestine, and Afghanistan. The people of these countries should take visa from the nearby Embassies of Nepal accredited to their respective countries.


3.     The structure of current tourist visit visa fees is as under:


i. 15 days multiple entry visa QR 100/-

ii. 30 days multiple entry visa QR 160/-

iii. 90 days multiple entry visa Qr. 400/-


4.     The tourist visa shall be granted for a period in maximum of 150 days in a visa year (Visa years means January to December).


5.     A tourist visa can be extended from the Immigration Department and Pokhara Immigration Office for a total of 120 days, an additional 30 days visa may be granted on reasonable grounds from the Department. Over the course of a visa year, a tourist cannot stay in Nepal more than cumulative 150 days.


6.      Required documents for getting visa are as under:

     Valid passport.

     Official letter for diplomatic or official passport holders.

     One recent photograph.

     Duly filled visa forms available at the Embassys website (


7.     Visitors can obtain visa from this Embassy on every working day (Sunday - Thursday) from 08:00 to 14: 00 hours.


8.     For more information, kindly contact Tel: +974 (44675683/81) Fax: 44675680 during working hours. Email:



B.    Visa Information in short:       

1. Tourist Visa

Visa can be obtained for the following duration from Nepalese Embassies or Consulates or at entry points in Nepal.

Period (Duration)                                  Fee      

15 days multiple entry                            US$ 25:00       
(For the First Visit in a visa year)           
30 days multiple entry                            US$ 40:00

90 days multiple entry                            US $ 100.00    

NB: 1. Refugee travel documents holders are requested to arrive with Nepalese visa, as entry points in Nepal will not provide visa on arrival.  
     2. Visa year covers a period from 1st January to 31st December

Tourist Visa Extension

Fee Exemption: Children below 10 years old are exempted from visa fee.          

Extension fee:   US$ 50 for 30 days.    
Application Forms: All kinds of application forms related to visa are available in the Department of Immigration and in the Immigration Offices free of cost.

2. Diplomatic Visa


Eligibility: Diplomatic passport holders and their family.

Issuing Authority: Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Visa fee: Gratis.


3. Official Visa

Eligibility: Non-diplomatic personnel of missions and their family, UN personnel, UN laisses passer holder and their family, personnel working in the international and regional organizations, Advisors and specialists working in Nepal under the official agreement and their family and Honourary Nepalese consuls and their families.   
Issuing authority: Ministry of Foreign Affairs.     
Visa fee: Gratis.


4. Study Visa

Eligibility: Students, Research Scholars, Teachers and their family.         
Issuing Authority: Department of Immigration on the recommendation of Ministry of Education.
Visa fee: US$ 40 per month.


5. Non-Tourist Visa

Eligibility: Foreigners involved in official works, INGOs, Missions and employees working in different institutions, representative of the press agencies and magazines, servant of diplomatic and official visa a tourist group and foreigners married to a Nepalese citizen.   
Issuing Authority: Department of Immigration on the recommendation of concerned agencies.     

Visa Fee:

a. US$ 60 per month for the first year and US$ 100 for the next year for non tourist.        
b. US$ 10 per month for press visa.      
c. US$ 20 per month for those working in government offices or projects.          
d. US$ 20 per month for marriage visa. 
e. US$ 10 per month for relation visa.


6. Business Visa

Eligibility: Foreign investors and persons involved in trade and commerce.         
Issuing Authorities: Department of Immigration on the recommendation of concerned agencies.  
Visa fee: (1) US$ 100 for one year (2) US$ 250 for five year.


7. Residential visa

Eligibility: Renowned personalities, foreigners involved in economic, social and cultural development of Nepal, foreign passport holders of Nepalese origin, large scale investor s (minimum 1.00.000 US$ in the industrial sector), foreigners interested to settle in Nepal etc.
Issuing authority: Ministry of Home through Immigration Department.      
Visa fee: US$ 200 at the time of issuance for one year and US$ 100 per year at the time of renewal.


8. Transit Visa

A transit visa can be obtained from the Airport Immigration Office for a period of 48 hours on the presentation of confirmed air ticket. Fee US$ 5.


9. Entry or Exit Points to/from Nepal


a) International Airport, Kathmandu        
b) Kakarvitta (Jhapa)    
c) Birgunj, (Parsa)         
d) Kodari, (Sindhupalchok)       
e) Belahiya, (Bhairahwa)
f) Jamunaha, (Nepalgunj)          
g) Mohana, (Dhangadhi)           
h) Gadda Chauki, (Mahendranagar)        
i) Biratnagar Airport, Biratnagar (Seasonal)


10. Other important information


1. Foreigners are requested to get the arrival/departure stamps on their passport at the entry /exit points to avoid further legal complications. 

2. Living in Nepal without passport or a valid visa is a punishable offense.         

3. A trekking permit is essential for any purpose of visit to Nepal's protected areas.       

4. Foreigners are advised to be aware of brokers/cheaters or any counterfeit documents of visa/trek through recognized agency or individually. Please do not seek support of any unauthorized person. 

5. Foreigners are advised to contact the Department of Immigration for visa transfers.    

6. Please, do not take out the visa stickers from passport and do not try to tamper printed matters in the             passport.


7. Photograph is required for visa issuance. Please carry photographs while going for visa issuance.


8. Declaration of Foreign Currency while entering Nepal


There have been some cases when the foreign nationals while departed from Nepal were detained at the International Airport in Kathmandu by the officials because of the possession of foreign currencies in excess of limit allowed by the foreign exchange regulations. It was because they didnt declare their amount while entering Nepal and the authority couldnt ascertain whether the amounts were possessed by the persons before entering Nepal. Therefore, in order to facilitate smooth travel to and from Nepal, all foreign nationals are hereby informed of the legal provisions of the Foreign Currency Regulations.


1. All foreign nationals after visiting Nepal can send or carry back their foreign currencies but not in excess to the amount they carried into Nepal.


2. The foreign nationals carrying foreign currencies amounting to US$ 2000/00 or more (or equivalent amount in other foreign currencies) must declare at the port of entry by filling up a form before the customs officials.


3. Any foreign nationals found guilty of breaching the above provisions may be detained and/or arrested at the port of departure and deal with the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act of Nepal.


Therefore, all foreign nationals are requested to kindly abide by the legal provisions and guarantee their smooth travel to and from Nepal.

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